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The program is an online neighbourhood watch program that was developed by a Toronto resident after a resident in the community had her face slashed.  The program has quickly become a valuable tool for officers in addressing and solving criminal complaints within local communities. 
It was a Saturday at noon, a young woman was followed from the subway by a guy and he ended up coming up from behind her without notice, slashed her and stabbed her in the head and the neck in front of neighbours.   This prompted the creation of " Our Neighbourhood Watch" 
The incident prompted meeting with a friend to discuss about how to create a program that allowed neighbours to communicate effectively and safely.  This led the two door-to-door in the neighbbourhood telling people about this online, private Google Group that was being setup. 
The program has strict rules, you have to be invited and you can follow the emails that are archived in case you join months later.  Within days 80 members had joined ! 
What happen next? - Well, word of mouth circulated about this neighbourhood network and the group swelled to hundreds of families.  Signs were even created,  ‘NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH, we call POLICE’, they were popular and quickly taken to be put on display.
The program became an effective way for neighbours and the members of the group to be notified, and communicate about, neighbourhood safety, local criminal incidents, suspicious criminal incidents and crime prevention, The communication involved the sharing of written reports, photos and surveillance video through the group by email.  
Do we have a success story ?, we sure do.   
A neighbbour woke up in the morning and and realized they'd been robbed while they were sleeping.  They checked the security camera and quickly realized that they had amazing images of the suspect.  The resident contacted police and shared the video with officers. 
The resident sent the images to her Neighbourhood Watch group coordinator, the group members all received an email, "if you can identify this person, please call the authorities".  
If you are interested in starting a Neighbourhood Watch in your community, CONTACT US today. 
"To create meaningful partnerships through trust, understanding, shared knowledge and effective community mobilization  to maintain safety and security in our communities.“ 
-Toronto Police Service
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