Neighbourhood Watch Rules of Engagement
In order to streamline and organize the groups' communications, Google Groups is used.
Google Groups provides a variety of features:
  • Validate members before they join, this increases the security and trustworthiness of the  communications
  • Archive of all postings
  • It's relatively easy to communicate with the group
  • Conversations are threaded and searchable
  • The system can send members a notification each time a new message is posted to the group, or this setting can be configured to receive less frequent digests
  • Provides members with a platform to discuss crime prevention, notify other members of an incident, suspicious activity and neighbourhood events.
  • All groups are private
  • Create a group name ( Highpark Neighbourhood Watch, Junction Triangle Neighbourhood watch) 
  • Login is not to be shared
  • No advertising
  • No promoting of social events unless the event relates to discussing safety, crime prevention
  • Validate with TPS or Police Liaison if unsure of legitimacy of information
  • Posts must be factual
  • Manager of the group must meet all new members or know them personally 
  • To Promote safety, awareness and help police as citizens
  • Do not interfere with any police investigations
  • Do not post publicly any information about any evidence
  • Do not take the law into your own hands - Group moderator will liaise with police
  • Keep all victims a priority -before posting double check facts and their permission
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The police needs the community and the community needs the police
-Monique Bond



  • Become the eyes & ears of the community

  • Get to know those within your community

  • Liaise with local police services

  • Share information with the community

  • Create community alerts

  • Assist in creating a safer community


  • Break & Enter Prevention 

  • Home Security Tune-Up

  • Identity Theft

  • Know Your Neighbour

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

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