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There are many in getting to know your neighbours.   
First, the better you know your neighbors, the easier it is to tell if a particular activity or situation is suspicious. “Is that person looking in my neighbour’s window a relative or friend, or is it someone thinking about breaking in?”
If you don’t know your neighbours you’re going to be less sure of the answer to that question, and less likely to call 911.   Another example is when a burglary or other crime does occur.   In neighbourhoods where people are in touch with each other, word gets out that something has happened.   Sharing the knowledge that a burglary has happened allows people to reflect on their own security habits, and often serves as a reminder to lock up their homes and garages, thereby reducing the opportunity for future crimes.
Download the Toronto Police Service : Know Your Neighbour" card.   Use this card to introduce yourself to your neighbours by giving them a copy with your information on it in exchange for theirs. 
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