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In order to streamline and organize the groups communications, Google Groups is used. 
A designated volunteer from your community will be required to create and maintain a Google Group.  
Google Groups provides a variety of features:
  • We can validate members before they join, and therefore increase the security and trustworthiness of the communications
  • There is an archive of all postings
  • It's relatively easy to communicate with the group
  • Conversations are threaded & searchable, making it easy to find the content and topics you're interested in
  • Option for the system to send you a notification each time a new message is posted to the group or you can configure your settings to receive less frequent digests
  • You can create a unique group name, example ( Lawrence Park West Neighbourhood Watch)
There are two ways to become a member of the Neighbourhood Watch Group:
1.     If we've already validated your email address (i.e. we know who it belongs to), we'll send you an invitation 
       that will appear in your inbox
  • Groups are created with some security features - Example, we want to restrict access to people we know - there is a requirement for logging in
  • You don't need to create a gmail account (email address) - but you will need to create a "Google account" using your own email address
2.     Alternatively, a link can be provided for now members to join the group.  
Once you become a member, you can post messages to the group in three ways:
1.   Create a new Topic of conversation: Using your web browser, on the groups main page (Your group name), 
      you can click the "New Topic" at the top, and write your message
2.   Reply to an existing Topic of conversation: Using your web browser, you can click to view the messages in          an existing topic, and click "Reply" to contribute to that specific Topic.
3.   Email the group:  You can send an email to (enter your group email address) with the information you want        to communicate to the Group too.
You're on your way ! 
Once the group and email addresses are set up, posting to the group can begin and new topics can br created and emailed directly to members. 

If you are interested in creating a Neighbourhood Watch,  CONTACT US detailed setup instructions. 

The police needs the community and the community needs the police
-Monique Bond
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