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Home security can be as effective as you make it. Do not leave the responsibility for your safety and security to others. REDUCE YOUR RISK by practicing the crime prevention strategies outlined in this pamphlet.  Together, you and your neighbours can work towards reducing crime in your area.
Step 1 – ALWAYS, give your home a lived-in look
  • Remove flyers off your property.
  • Make arrangements/do timely yard and winter driveway maintenance, especially when you’re not home.
  • Sets your lights to turn on and off during the evening hours.
  • Have a trusted friend or neighbour monitor your property when you’re away.
Step 2 – EVALUATE your property as if you were the thief
  • Undertake a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) assessment of your property. Contact your local police division to request an assessment from the crime prevention unit.  
  • Look for ways a thief can access your home or property without being seen, and take corrective action.
Step 3 - CHECK the physical security of your doors and windows Door Security
  • Ensure your home has a good quality one-inch deadbolt lock on all exterior doors including the one leading from the garage. Install a four hole security strike plate with screws long enough to penetrate the 2 x 4 which sits behind frame.
  • Do not rely on a chain lock as they provide poor security - consider installing a wide-angle viewer instead.
       Patio/Sliding Door Security
  • Secure sliding glass doors with commercially available bars or locks,
       or put a wooden dowel or broom handle in the door track. Burglars look for sliding glass doors because they         are the easiest to open.
  • Consider drilling holes through the centre of the upper track of the door frame in the area above where the door sits in the locked position to prevent it from being lifted up and out. Insert screws to fill the gap between the top of the door and the track.
  • Keep patio doors closed and locked when not in use including any that are accessed by a balcony.
Source:  Toronto Police Service, Home Security Pamphlet SP 925-E, 2018/10
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