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Most people rely on a routine for their basic home security which tends to never change. But have you ever asked yourself if you’re doing the right things? Make sure you’re doing the right things by taking this home security tune-up.
  • Make sure that your property looks cared for and lived-in. Burglars will often look for signs that the homeowner is away. This can include:
  • A lack of lighting
  • A build-up of mail and/or flyers•
  • A lack of snow removal or unkempt yards.•
  • Leaving garage door up when you drive away.•
  • Always give your home a lived-in look.•
  • Set your lights to come on and off•
  • Don’t give a burglar a reason to take an interest in your property.
Make sure that you have installed a four-hole security strike plate with your deadbolt lock.  
Most homes are built to the Ontario Building Code which specifies a two-hole strike plate attached to your exterior door jamb.   Use screws that are at least two inches in length, and longer where possible, so that they penetrate the main(unseen) structure that supports the door frame. 
Secure or hide your jewellery.Most people store their jewellery in an obvious or otherwise easily found place in their master bedroom. Lock up or sell gold jewellery that you don’t use or no longer want. Store frequently used jewellery in a secure, uncommon place, preferably away from the master bedroom, where it is not readily found.
Park your car in your garage and lock it overnight.Thieves frequently target unlocked cars that are left in the driveway overnight. Parking your car in your garage overnight, will safeguard it and not make it so obvious when you’re not home. If you need to park your car in your driveway, lock it overnight.
Source:  Toronto Police Service, Tun-Up Pamphlet SP 948-E, 2018/10
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